EMT/Paramedics; Vital Resource, Staggering Statistics, and Finding Help and Solutions.

Anthony Valente
May 18, 2023

EMT and Paramedics; a Vital Resource for us all, and statistically running on reduced numbers.

Emergency Medical Services(EMS) is so important to all of us, and yet there are times where we unintentionally are not aware of the importance of these Heroes who go unsung a lot of the time.

EMS Stats and Information

The number of EMS 911calls received yearly amazing and shows how much this is used and needed on our community.  In the United States, s respond to approximately 240 million emergency calls annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

That is 7.6 calls per second.

That is 600,000 calls per day.    

The NHTSA also reports that there are over 21,000 EMS agencies operating in the US, staffed by approximately 826,000 EMS personnel. These include EMT and Paramedics, and the number is not nearly enough to staff the amount of calls received on a daily basis.

The nation struggles with the staffing numbers for EMS personnel.  A2022 American Ambulance Association study of employee turnover found that 39%of part time EMT and 55% of part time paramedics went unfilled because of the lack of qualified candidates.  This is an absolute crisis.


Average Pay for EMT and Paramedics

Paramedics Average Pay:  $40,204 – $49,894

EMT Average Pay:  $36,490 - $41,390

These are almost poverty level salaries in most areas, but we have estimated 1.3 Million EMS personnel in the US currently living on these wages.  Therefore, the need to help with initial education and training is vital.


How the Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund (FVS Fund) is trying to Help others.

The FVS Fund, a certified 501c3Charity, tries to offset some of the initial costs involved with starting an EMS career.  We have partnered with different colleges to provide scholarships and training items that will relieve the financial pressures from the start.  This is so the new student can feel more dedicated without the worry of the financial burden of initial education.

In conclusion, by helping others, help others, we at the FVS Fund, are filling the EMS employee gaps, working to help with pay parity, while maintaining the ultimate goal; EMS people want to help, they are the unsung heroes of our day, and will be there no matter when we need them, they are 3 digits away from helping me, you and everyone in our families.

Your help and support of this group, our fund, and the EMS future is in all of our hands.  Let’s make it count.   www.thefvsfund.com

Visit us to see what we are doing and how you can help.

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