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We want to support your passion for helping others.

Taking away the financial burden from emergency care students, so they can focus on what matters most: helping others.

The Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund is a resource for students in the emergency care field.

It was created to help students all over the country make it through school successfully and with less stress.

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The inspiration behind the scholarships we offer.

Frankie Valente


An Ambitious Dreamer

Frankie's passion for people and life trickled down to how he decided to experience the world and interact with others. He shared that passion by dedicating his life to helping others by succeeding as an EMR with AMR training. He transmitted compassion and empathy to all his patients who benefited from his cheerful personality. His power to make people smile and laugh could ease any situation and is one of many things that made him a skilled professional in treating patients.

Frankie loved outdoor activities, motorcycles, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Blackjack, and Gunsmithing. In many ways, he was just an ordinary kid finding his place in this world. In so many others, he was an extraordinary professional and human being with an ambition to help people. He achieved that every day of his life. He was an exceptional son, friend, and professional who wanted to make this world better for everyone he could, and he is missed every day.

To carry on Frankie's memory, this scholarship fund helps others pursue their education toward becoming an EMT. Your donation is a permanent and everlasting tribute to Frankie, who passed away on the job, to ensure many more dedicated students can graduate. We want our communities to have the professionals needed to help as many people as possible by assisting them in achieving their degrees.

You can help us achieve that!


Giving today can build the heroes of tomorrow

About us

We thrive on helping people

The fund is sustained on Community, Passion, & Hope for the Future.



We are all in this together, and we want to be the support system emergency care students need to thrive on their educational journey, and we need YOUR support.



Support us as we work to ensure that students live full and happy lives while pursuing their love of helping other



We believe the future can be better if we built it together, we are so excited to welcome you as we do that


Our Founders

Parents of Frankie Valente - The ones that keep the dream going.

Mother to Frankie Valente born and raised in Rochester, NY. She has been a working and loving mom her entire life, and has raised three children, Deanna, Anthony, and Frankie...
Father to Frankie Valente born and raised in Rochester, NY. He has worked in an airline for most of his career while juggling his family. Tony is currently the Executive Vice P...

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