Chef Duff's Support of the Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund

Anthony Valente
October 9, 2023

Celebrity pastry chef Duff Goldman, known for his cookbook Super Good Baking for Kids and his expertise showcased on the Food Network, has joined the cause of helping aspiring EMTs achieve their dreams. By sharing our message, he emphasizes the importance of supporting those who aspire to make a difference as EMTs.

We sincerely appreciate Chef Duff Goldman for using his platform to promote our mission and taking the time to recognize the efforts and progress our Foundation is making.

Becoming an EMT is a courageous path, allowing individuals to provide critical assistance and life-saving care during emergencies. Supporting aspiring EMTs empowers them to positively impact their communities.

Chef Duff Goldman's shoutout to our cause is inspiring and we hope it inspires you as well. His advocacy shines a light on the transformative work of our Foundation, encouraging others to get involved. Join us by making a contribution or exploring ways to support aspiring EMTs in your community.

We thank again Chef Duff's support and hope we can empower aspiring EMTs and strengthen our emergency response systems.

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